Dame Dash Needs his Coins

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 3.57.38 PMDame Dash is not a very happy man over this money situation with Empire Executive Producer Lee Daniels. However he seems more confused than unhappy. From what i am reading on his instagram post he really just wants to know why Lee Daniels is avoiding the fact that he owes him $2 million bucks. You know if somebody owed me $2000 bucks I would be curious as to why they just started ignoring me so I can see where Dame Dash is coming from; especially under the loan terms they agreed upon. Now if Lee Daniels is justified because he understood different terms then it would be great if he just spoke up and acknowledged this information. Then Dame Dash wouldn’t have to post the following on his social media and tag everyone. Especially all the revelent blogs and media sources :

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 3.43.30 PM

How many thinks Daniels should pay up or fess up?


Joe Jackson Passes at 89 from Cancer

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 2.52.49 PMVery sad news has surfaced the internet regarding Joe Jackson. What’s more terrible is a quote from his son Jermaine stating Joe’s handlers made it impossible for certain family members to visit with him during his final days. According to The Jasmine Brand:

Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson has passed away in Los Angeles following a battle with cancer. He was 89. Last week, Jackson was reportedly hospitalized and was in the final stages and “could not be treated.” Jackson was the father of Janet Jackson, the late Michael Jackson and their eight siblings. He was the architect of The Jackson 5 and suffered from a variety of health conditions including strokes, dementia and at least one heart attack.

 Jackson created The Jackson 5 in the 1960’s, while the family was living in Gary,
Indiana. The family including wife Katherine, later moved to California, after signing with Berry Gordy’s Motown Records. The group is known for such hit as “I Want You Back,” “ABC,” “The Love You Save” and “I’ll Be There.”

To Read more: http://thejasminebrand.com/2018/06/27/joe-jackson-passes-away-at-89-amid-battle-with-cancer/#ixzz5JegEyhpn

Janet Jackson recently gave a speech at an award show saying:

My mother [Katherine] nourished me with the most extravagant love imaginable, my father, my incredible father, drove me to be the best that I can.

Read more: http://thejasminebrand.com/2018/06/27/joe-jackson-passes-away-at-89-amid-battle-with-cancer/#ixzz5Jerm7gG5

Rickey Smiley talks Fatherhood

Rickey -72.jpgWhat legacy are you leaving for your children and the children of your community?

You have to play no games. I hope that I left something positive with them to make them want to be the best that they can be. To be upstanding and just being a good man. Being honest and upright is important.  I hope they take what I have taught them and apply it when it comes to their kids. Because they too will be parents one day as well.

How would you describe your Fatherhood culture?

I think I came out to be pretty successful being raised by my grandparents and great grandparents. I just hope they pass the same values on to their kids. I let them know that I am “NOT your friend.” That’s my No. #1 thing. I also understand that parenting is NOT a popularity contest.  I don’t care if nobody is talking to me in the house. It’s what I said and that’s the end of it. I mean they don’t pay for nothing, they don’t go to work hosting the radio show and they don’t go perform on the weekends. That’s what it is and I don’t explain my no.

From a father’s perspective, what two books would you recommend every child read?

Rickey Smiley “Stand By Your Truth,” No Opportunity Wasted by Bishop Joseph Walker and  Jekalyn Carr “You Will Win.’ Those are three books I feel are important for kids to read.

As a father and a life coach, describe your playbook

My playbook is just training them not to drink, not to smoke, use discretion, and move quietly. To always work and do all the things you are supposed to do. That’s about the size of my playbook.

What insightful advice would you suggest about building a network?

The main thing is to be professional and learn how to mix in with other races and other cultures. There are white people out here signing checks too. We have to learn to think outside the box. And not just be comfortable being around black folks.

How important is keeping your word?  

It’s very important because when you have nothing left. All you have is your word. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Be man enough to look people in the eye and say NO. You need to learn to look people straight in the eye and say no. You should see me look people in the eye and say No to people who ask for tickets. (laughs)

When it comes to protecting yourself at all times, physically and mentally, what would you tell your children?

Stay out of the line of fire. Stay at home. Find you a hobby that’s outside the box. Go to the lake and rent you a boat. Jump in the lake why not? That’s the problem. We don’t like to swim we don’t like to hike. We think sitting in the backyard eating baked beans while listening to Frankie Beverly is living. This is what I train my kids to think outside the box. Kids need to have exposure to different things. Exposure is everything for a child. It’s hard to get something when you ain’t seen nothing. I took a young man that works here on his first plane ride and when we came back he said he wouldn’t be happy just living in Jackson, MS after seeing what else is out there.

What advice would you give on being responsible for your own dreams?

I don’t none of my kids are trying to be like me. The only one of my kids that are putting forth their best efforts is my 17 year old son and daughter. Daughter lives in Columbia making straight A’s. My son is at a prep school for basketball, he’s an athlete. He 6’3. Great kid. HE is getting all A’s and B’s he works hard everyday and he is trying to be the best him he can be. Not only the education part they are also taking on things that I stand for  and that’s what it is all about. My daughter is going to Emory University or Berkely and she wants to go to medical school.

Finish the sentence: Never give up on yourself because … you can do it. It’s not how you start it’s how you finish.

How does following your spiritual values help you in life? 

You always want them to be spiritual so that when they fall up on hard times they have something to read and something to pick up and turn to . Once you expose them to God to teach them that God is real. That God owns everything so they don’t grow up thinking people own everything and praising  people and kissing peoples butt.  They need to know they serve a real and Living God. Teach them to trust God and even if you don’t take them to church you teach them how to get in a corner and have a good conversation with God.

Share one of your fondest memories you’ve experienced with your father, grandfather or father figure.

My favorite experience is my grandfather. My grandfather had a long drawn out conversations with me every night from kindergarten to high school. Still til this day my granddaddy is 92 years old. I had 2 wonderful Uncles growing up who stepped up to the plate when my dad died. My Uncle Anthony Bruce Smiley and my Uncle Herbert Armor. These are uncles who spent quality time and they were father figures. There was my granddad’s brother Uncle Thomas who picked me up every summer and took me to Cleveland. He drove all the way to Birmingham every summer to pick me up and that made the difference. I just really appreciate them being in my life.

Why is writing down your fatherhood goals for life so important? 

I didn’t write down fatherhood goals. I just naturally tried to steer him in the right direction. Once I found out my son was my son I just gave him my absolute best. (And all of that is in the book) I fought for him got custody of him. I raised him all the way to adulthood. Now that doesn’t mean everything I did was received. I am just saying what I did.

Producer J. Simone talks about her love for a Unique Sound


Philadelphia native J. Simone is on the rise as a female producer. Currently living in Atlanta she has the perfect opportunity to surround herself in a city that’s known also known for birthing producers and artists with unique sounds as well. J. Simone sat down with Rolling Out for an exclusive interview and this is what we learned:

At what age did you know what you wanted to do with your life? 
I was 13 when I realized I wanted to be a music producer. It’s so funny, as a kid I used to introduce myself to industry professionals as a producer who will be the first female producer to win a Grammy.

Who’s sound do you admire the most?
I really admire Timbaland and Pharrell’s styles because they created their own individual sounds and lane. They didn’t enter the industry trying to sound like everyone else. I really admire how they BELIEVED and TRUSTED their own sound enough to stay true to themselves. That takes a lot of courage.

Do you feel you are more challenged to be successful because you are a female producer?
I don’t feel as though I’m more challenged to be successful because I’m a female but I feel like I always have to come correct. I have to stay on my game. It’s unfortunate but as a female producer, I’m in a man’s world. My drums have to knock as hard as theirs, if not harder.

Have you been successful at selling tracks?
Yes, I’ve been successful at selling tracks to independent artists.

What was your first reaction when you sold your first beats/track?
When I sold my first beat it really hit me that I could actually do this. Technically, that’s when this whole producing thing went from a hobby to a career. I realized that I could really do this.

If you could work with with three artists, who would they be and why?
If I could work with three artists, I would go with Nitty Scott, Janelle Monae, and Jay Z. Nitty is a female MC doing her thing in New York. She’s really raw and honest. I just love artists who are brave enough to put themselves out there. When it comes to her sound, she goes in. She does her thing over crazy complex beats. She’s one to watch out for. Nitty is a star. Janelle Monae is just another one of those fearless artists who I truly admire. She doesn’t create songs but she creates experiences. I think that’s just so beautiful. It’s one thing to create a great song and another to create an experience. Her creativity is unmatched. Hov is the GOAT. He has truly mastered his art. I always kinda have a lost for words when talking about Jay. I mean everything about him is legendary, from his flow, his content, to his cadence. It would really be a dream come true to work with him.

You are a full time student at Georgia State University. Any career plan B or will your career be centered around the music industry? 
It’s very important for me to be a full time producer after graduation as my full time career. It’s my passion and the Lord has truly blessed me. He made it very clear to me at an early age that this is what I was put on this Earth to do. I have complete faith that as long as I continue to follow the path that he laid out for me and to live a life where love is at the forefront, everything will work out and be even greater than I can imagine. Things like this take patience. Although I’m a full time student at Georgia State University, music is my plan A and plan B. Plan B is to make plan A work.

How can people request to hear your music in order to purchase beats? Who should they contact? 
You know, in this industry, unfortunately, producers can’t just put music out there on a public website for the indies to choose from. To request to hear more music, just reach out to my management via email csr_music@yahoo.com.

Social media platforms: @j.simonesound on Instagram and Twitter.


Producer Bangladesh on the panel of “PIP” created by Courtney Horton

Sonia Lòpez, Producer Bangladesh. Rap Artist Kourtni Myers

This past weekend Courtney Horton a Platinum Certified Recording/Mixing Engineer created an event with a panelist of successful music industry professionals. The panel was a mixture of producers, engineers, studio owners as well as artists. All true veterans in the music industry. Courtney is also the Creator of “PIP”(Putem in Position 2WIN ) Panel @courtneymarie_engnr on Instagram.

Erinn Jackson, Courtney Horton, and The Honorable C Note

The panelists gave some great advice that could be used if you are new in the business or in the business a long time but need to know why you are not being progressive.  Super Grammy Award Winning Producer Bangladesh spoke on loyalty, teaming up and partnering with industry peers, and the importance of not just rocking with who’s hot at the time. Artist/Songwriter Ms. Jade spoke on early industry fears and lessons she learned on her rise to becoming a successful working songwriter. Everyone brought something different to the table but the common demoninator of the evening everyone’s love of the music and learning and teaching others how to be tenacious in an industry that is constantly changing.  The money ups and downs & ways to cope with success & disappointments.


PIP PANELISTS: included Grammy Winning Super Producer Shondrae Crawford known to most as Mr. Bangladesh @bangladeshproductions on Instagram; Miles  “Mixed By Miles” Walker. – Multi-Grammy Award Winning Recording Engineer Website :  http://www.mixedbymiles.com/; Honorable C Note – Multi – Platinum and Grammy Nominated Producer IG : @honorablecnote ; Ms. Jade Artist/Writer 1st Female signed to Timberland. With her hit Album “Girl Interrupted, flew in from Philadelphia to inspire our future Music Creators. Instagram @therealmsjade; Kenny Barto –  Multi- Platinum and 3X  Grammy Award Winning Producer IG: @Kennybarto; Walter Randolph – Manager & Owner of Private Stock World Wide Management. Estelle, D’angelo, Ingrid (Parkwood) IG : @privatestockworldwide; Ron “Tricky” Montgomery  Owner & CEO of TrickyBizness Entertainment and Management. Instagram @Trickybiznessworldwide; Mira Blues – Artist/ Writer IG: @mirablues; and the owner of “Suite 100 Studio” Dumar L Jackson @dumarljackson on IG

Producer Sonia Lòpez, Errin Jackson(Moskato) National Manager, @therealashleyj, @kourtnimyers – Photo Credit @Jonellmediapr

Special thanks to Moskatolife as the sponsor for this event. Zaxby’s for providing the food and to the owner of “Hobi Studios”  for the use of his facility.  The event creator Courtney also expressed special thanks to invited guests rapper Kourtni Myers, producer J. Simone, Jonell PR, Jeremiah Clarke and the special audience guests for supporting this amazing event. Check out the photo gallery after the break.

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