OWN TV Love and Marriage Huntsville, AL Couples in Atlanta


love and marriage
Martell & Melody Holt, LaTisha & Marsau Scott, Kimberly Grant & fiancé Maurice Scott (left to right) – Photo Credit Jonell Whitt

The OWN TV Network is currently debuting their first reality television series ‘Love and Marriage’ produced by Carlos King. The show takes place in Huntsville, AL and debuts the lives of three successful African American couples as real estate entreprenuers, their business and relationships. Martell & Melody Holt appear to be the fan favorite couple more than likely due to the fact they have the most drama. Then there is Marsau & LaTisha Scott along with their friends the newlyweds Maurice and Kimmi Grant.

Kimberly Grant JPR Photo
Kimmy Grant – Photo Credit Jonell Whitt

135th Street Agency organized a brunch sit down with the ladies and a host of Atlanta media outlets. (At the discretion of OWN TV the men were not available to be interviewed but definitely were in the building). But the ladies held it down as the media folk had tons of questions after previewing a couple of episodes that had already airred. The biggest concern many media people had was the reputation of reality television effect on contributing to the conflicts and demise of married couples.  According to statistics from reality television stars. Read OK Magazine https://okmagazine.com/photos/22-couples-who-divorced-after-appearing-on-reality-tv-together/  Of course this is a new show and because this bunch are business oriented folks and couples actually operating business together there just may be a totally different outcome.

Melody Holt - JPR photos
Melody Holt – Photo Credit Jonell Whitt

The group of journalists and bloggers had several questions for the ladies in which they were quick on the draw with the answers. Check out some of the questions.

Reporters: Have you experienced production not allowing you to go into the direction you want to go in?

Melody Holt: We were under the impression that we were going to be real and be ourselves and with that comes our own drama. Plus the fact that we were already friends and we weren’t a casted crew. With that comes ups and downs and our highs and lows of everyday life

LaTisha: At first we thought the show was going to be strictly about  our real estate and the “comeback group and what we are doing with the community but once we started filming producers noticed their was a lot about relationships so things did take a little spin to focus more on our individual relationships.

Kimmi: Our relationships are all very solid so we felt very confident about being on television. We know our men and we all know what we are working with.

Reporters: Were there any hesitations with doing the show because of the number of couples that end up in divorce court after doing reality tv?

Melody: I don’t think that reality tv can mess up a marriage. If you have a strong foundation, reality tv will not be able to destroy this.

Reporters: Were you caught off guard when Melody had an answer in regards to respectable cheating?

Kimmi: Yes, I tried to hurry up and answer and cut Melody off because there is no such thing as respectable cheating in my mind and I didn’t even want her to continue on her explanation of this.

I must admit the ladies were really quick with their come back answers and spoke very eloquently to all the questions asked. It seems all the ladies had in common that it did take some getting used to working hand in hand with their spouses on a daily basis. Melody stated “I had to learn when to take off the boss hat and put on the wifey had and remember to make time to talk to our kids. We also went through a period of not making sure the romance wasn’t lost which is easy to do when you are so focused on grinding and getting the money. We had to get back to that because that’s what’s important.

terry shrop love and marriage
Terry Shropshire, Melody Holt, and Martell Holt

All the ladies truly showed a deep love for their husbands, all agreed that Marsau was a real sweetheart and comedian off the screen and according to Kimmie “as the show continues all of you watching will definitely grow to love him and know he’s just a natural comedian.” Then Melody exclaimed “he will definitely have your laughing!” This was reiterated by the ladies over and over (as some of the viewers were side eyeing Marsau due to his statement on women being in the kitchen and alledgedly not “barefoot” or did he mean “barefoot and pregnant” as the old saying goes. These three power couples didn’t show any sign of slowing down in their business, the love they have for their significant other and growing their friendships.

Great job Carlos King! We look forward to the rest of the season of “Love & Marriage Huntsville” which airs Saturdays on OWN at 10 EST.

Check out the video of a few more questions Bossip writer Danielle tried to slide in but the ladies just were not having it.




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