Reginald A. Greene, Managing Attorney, Greene Legal Group Wins Big!

Reginald A. Greene, Managing Attorney, Greene Legal Group in Atlanta Fired Salesman Wins $1M Verdict Against Ex-Boss


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Reginald A. Greene, Managing Attorney, Greene Legal Group – Photo Credit @fbstudios

Daily Report – Katheryn Hayes Tucker

A Salesman who sued his ex-boss for malicious prosecution and false arrest has won a $1 million judgment against his former employer.

Cobb County superior Court Judge Reuben Green entered the judgment Monday following a trial that took a day and a half. The jury awarded $500,000 for general and special damages, $400,000 for punitive damages, and $100,000 for “peace, happiness and feelings damages.”

The jury also added $3,291 for attorney fees and litigation expenses. The winning lawyer, Reginald Greene of Greene legal Group in Atlanta, Georgia said he will be seeking interest, as well. Greene said his client made an offer of settlement for $10,000. Instead, the employer offered $1,500. “This case had dragged out so long, my client was actually will- ing to settle for $10,000 a year and a half ago,” Greene said. “Them trying to offer $1,500 seems like a slap in the face, now that you see the verdict.” Greene represents Keenan Mays, who was 24 when the incident took place in January 2013. 

Mays alleged that his then- boss, Jamark Goodwin of Carly Ray Industries Inc., fired him (according to the Daily Report Feb 1, 2019) in a fit of jealousy over a female employee and then filed a false police report. The complaint said Goodwin told Mays to come to the office of the glass repair business to pick up a final pay check. When Mays appeared, Goodwin was not there. But he later told police that Mays had broken into the office. Mays was arrested and jailed. Greene represented him in the criminal case, which was eventually dropped for lack of evidence. But the arrest on his record prevented Mays from being able to find another job, Greene said.

Romero Pearson of Pearson Law Group in Lawrenceville represented Goodwin and his company, which is now out of business. Pearson filed an answer to the lawsuit denying the charges without elaborating. Pearson said Wednesday he will appeal the verdict but declined to comment further. Greene said Pearson cross- examined Mays and two other witnesses but did not present evidence or witnesses for the defense. And that wasn’t the only factor that made for a fast trial. Greene said he opted for a six-person jury instead of 12, thinking that would make the trial move faster. Greene said he had a clue the deliberations were going well for his client when the jury sent the judge a note asking if a plaintiffs verdict would help mays clear up his record and get a new job. The judge answered that the jury was not to consider other factors out- side the evidence presented.

In the end, Greene might have gotten some help from the #MeToo movement. The testimony and the complaint alleged that the boss openly used his position with the company to influence women—including a female employee that he encouraged to give police a false statement against Mays. The complaint alleged that the boss had become jealous of Mays as a potential rival for the attention of women who worked in the business. In his closing argument, Greene said he told the jury to “send a clear message to the Harvey Weinsteins and Bill Cosbys of the world. I pulled out all the stops,” Greene said. Greene’s work is not done. However. even if Goodwin’s appeal fails, collection will be another challenge. Lacking deep pockets of an insurance company is not his favorite way to pursue a judgment, Greene said. That’s why he sued the owner personally as well as the now- defunct company. Green claims “we are going to aggressively pursue the guy.”

Source : Daily Report Writer Katheryn Hayes Tucker

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