Vh1 LHH Atlanta Scrapp Deleon is Home

Scrapp Deleon Released and Celebrating with Cast Members at Josephine Lounge in Atlanta

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 9.40.03 PMVh1 Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season premiere airs at 8pm March 25th.  Scrapp Deleon is a free man and has a lot to share with the world. We have learned he has several projects in the works and will be soon sharing with the world the things he has been doing since his March 2019 release from the Halfway House in Macon, GA.

FreddyO.com shared how the season 5 LHH Atlanta ended showing Scrapp appearing before a judge receiving a 20 year sentence for a marajuana charge. Originally Deleon was ordered to serve 5 years in jail and 15 years probabation. Through lots of prayers and a great attorney Scrapp RETURNS to Season 8 after serving only 3 years.

Scrapp won the hearts of the female audience with his bad boy image, and long hair and overall just being a heartthrob especially to his baby-mamma Tia who was madly in love with him. Before we knew it Scrapp found himself in a love triagle with his baby-mamma and cast member Tommy Lee (who is currently jailed without bond for showing up to court noticably intoxicated).

Fast forward to 2019 the new trailer shows Scrapp Deleon being released from prison into a halfway house and him and ex-cast member Tommie Lee’s picture leaked and went viral when she decided to pay him a visit upon learning about his release. Now we don’t know where this relationship is headed because we also saw Moneice Slaughter from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood all cozy with Scrapp on a sofa asking if anyone knew. Since the release of that trailer Moneice and Scrapp have seperately confirmed they are not dating nor in a relationship.

We will just have to get on the case and get you an update when we catch up with our friend Scrapp Deleon at his viewing party in Atlanta hosted by him and several cast members. Make sure you rsvp for this 21 & over event at the Josephine Lounge.

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