Ben Cory Jones Talks BET Boomerang and Showrunner Life at ScreenCraft Summit Weekend in Atlanta

IMG_6235Attending the ScreenCraft Summit 2019 was totaling amazing. Such a wealth of knowledge in regards to updates on the types of scripts Hollywood networks and streaming networks are looking for; as well as the best ways to see that your script gets placed in the right hands and the right rooms. New screenwriters were given loads of information to steps to move them in the right direction to become successful.

IMG_6303Experienced screenwriters gave lots of personal experiences of how their scripts ended up making box office movie numbers and how collaborations came about. Several questions were answered by veteran writers and panelists like Doung Jung (Star Trek Beyond, Big Love, The Cloverfield Paradox); Ben Cory Jones (BoomerangInsecureUnderground); David Rabinowitz (Oscar Nominee, BlacKkKlansman); Chad Kennedy (VP Current Programming, Warner Bros. Television); Steven E. de Souza (Die HardCommando). This was very refreshing to sit in a room with successful screenwriters and listen to their stories and expert advise.

IMG_6276The best part was seeing how people from all over the world purchased tickets and flew in because they were desperately seeking answers as to how to get their scripts read and placed into upcoming film projects. My favorite panels were  “Science and Storytelling”, How to Sell New Ideas to “Old Hollywood” and Writing to Get Your Sh%t Made by Darrien Gipson the National Director, SAGindie. The most refreshing panel was Saturday morning April 6th titled “The Best Lesson I Ever Learned.” That panel put alot of things into prospective but most important the lesson learned was persistency and hard work pays off. If you make enough noise on any idea it’s not impossible to get your script where it needs to go. Never give up. You can’t learn the lessons from your mistakes if you don’t put your best foot forward to “do the Work”.


Tickets for 2020 available now: Get Your 2020 Summit Badge Pass Here . Check out all the fun you missed at the 2019 ScreenCraft Summit.


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