Nipsey Hussle’s Attorney Working on Getting Kerry Lathan Out Of Jail

Kerry Lathan is in Jail Facing Life for Standing Next to Nipsey Hussle when he was killed!

Kerry Lathan, the man who was shot alongside Nipsey Hussle, is now speaking out. No Justice No Peace! Is it fair that Kerry Lathan is

currently in prison. Police claim he violated his parole, because they claim he was hanging out with Nipsey Hussle – a known “gang member.” When truly Kerry was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is a victim of the wrong set of circumstances and believes that he should be free.

Unfortunately when it comes to restrictions on being home from the half way house there is no black or white. The former gang member was released from prison (on parole) seven months ago, and had been living the life of a regular civilian. On the day of Nipsey’s death, March 31st, Kerry walked into Nipsey’s Marathon store to purchase a shirt and they didn’t have his size. When he saw Nipsey in the parking lot he thought he would step out and ask him “what’s the word on when more would be coming in.”

Soon as he stepped outside the mayhem began and that’s when shots were fired at Nipsey Hussle and Kerry spine was chipped by a bullet which has landed him in a wheelchair and behind bars again. According to Rolling

While at the store, Nipsey was shot and killed, and Latham was shot in the back. Latham was later arrested for being with Nipsey, a known gang member, during the time of the shooting — a violation of his parole. For the first time since being shot and arrested, Latham broke his silence during a phone conversation recorded by Nipsey’s former manager, Big U.

During the conversation, uploaded by Hampton Blu Network, Latham revealed that he could face a substantial amount of time in prison.

“They’re trying to send me back … for life,” Latham said. “Due to gang association. I was with an activist, a peacemaker in the community who was trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. It’s an injustice.”

Latham shared that he was picked up by authorities while at a halfway house.

“I checked myself out of the hospital because they weren’t giving me the care that I needed,” he said. “A piece of my spine was chipped off due to the bullet. So I decided to get care at the halfway house. I went back, and three parole officers told me I was under arrest. They said the orders came from someone higher up. I’m facing life in prison for being a victim.”

Latham, 56, began serving his time in prison at age 31. He says he’s not involved in crime, but he’s only been able to receive help from friends who he knew in the past. Those friends are often gang members.

“Gangs are the only family I have left,” Latham said. “My mother died while I was in prison, and I had a stroke so I had to use a walker. This bullet put me in a wheelchair … I’ve done everything they’ve asked me to do, and they’re still doing me wrong. It’s an injustice.”

At the end of the call, Big U asked for viewers to support Latham by putting pressure on the district attorney to release him from jail.

Photo Credit Amir Shaw (Nipsey’s Funeral Program)

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