Is Wendy Williams Taking Kevin Hunter back as her Business Manager? – Makes Sense

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Wendy Williams – You-tube Screenshot

Wendy Williams according to tea sipped by the Daily Mail has decided to take Kevin Hunter back but only as her business manager. WOW! You have to admit 22 years is a lot of time to simply toss out the window. Especially when ALOT of that time like over a decade was spent building an empire. There is the publishing house that was alledged Wendy put into her name only (apparently not) and there is the Wendy Williams Foundation.

It’s really not any of our business to make a statement on what works best for Wendy Williams. We can all just sit back and reflect on when she was looking very weak and crazy. Passing out on the stage. Enlisted as a member of the Sober House (oh yeah I forgot she was doing research for a project – yeah ok) and she was on the show looking a hot mess! This was all while she was probably playing detective watching her life fall apart right in front of her eyes. But now that the smoke has cleared and Wendy has been out sowing her wild oaks she probably discovered there is really nothing out there and like she said “when is it time to snatch your wig off and throw it on the lamp stand when you are dating someone.”

Kelvin Hunter probably is the best to know the business of Wendy Williams and how she wants it ran. So of course he would be the best candidate for the job. Their young son is actually practically grown and they don’t have to stay together for the sake of the kid but Wendy probably is just used to what she is used to . Most people in abusive situations for a long time are so accustomed to being mistreated it actually seems like the norm.

Then too there is the alimony issue. The reuniting of Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams would mean that he doesn’t receive any alimony and he gets back on the payroll. Hmmmmmm the people (staff) and everyone at the Wendy Show were having a sign of relief that Kevin was NOT showing up everyday. Kevin probably allegedly had himself so woven into her business affairs it probably would have cost a pretty penny to ex him out or nearly impossible. Kevin seems like a smart man that thought all of this through when initially building their business contract.

Alledgely new contracts and new divorce terms are being worked out. I sure hope Wendy is NOT allowing this previously abusive man who cheated on her and has a baby with another women to be allowed back into her finances and maybe they can start a new separate type of arrangement. I can imagine it would be hard to fill Kevin’s business shoes but not impossible. No one is irreplaceable. Am I disappointed in the backpeddling? Absolutely, however it’s not our place to judge. If Wendy is happy so should we be I guess. We learned the following from the Daily Mail:

  • Wendy Williams is taking back her cheating husband Kevin Hunter, but only as her business manager 

  • The 55-year-old TV host dumped Hunter, 47, in April after his long-term affair with massage therapist Sharina Hudson, 33, was exposed by 

  • They are close to a settlement and Williams paved the way for Hunter to return as her business manager providing he refrain from pursuing her over alimony 

  • The news comes after they had heart-to-heart talks, deciding they didn’t want to dissolve their production company, publishing house or charitable foundation

  • They still make a ‘solid team’, having built a successful business, which they are now trying to preserve with a carefully negotiated divorce deal, a source said

  • ‘Of course Wendy was furious with Kevin over his affair, but she’s since softened her view of him and wants an amicable divorce,’ they added

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