Beyond the Pole Airs on WeTV Thursdays at 10pm/9C

Angelcake and son
Angelcake and her son

Beyond the Pole is a weekly reality series about 5 exotic dancers struggling to see life ‘Beyond the Pole.’ Serial entreprenuer, millionaire network marketer and former exotic dancer Stormy Wellington is brought in to help these ladies see their dreams of leaving the pole is not their future reality. However, several of the girls feel it’s not up to Coach Stormy to save them. They insist they know their exact game plan to leave the life of dancing on the pole and being an exotic dancer. Stormy Wellington begs to differ.

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Executive Producers Shante Paige and Mark Stevens

Executive Producers Shante Paige and Mark Stevens created this show to tell a story of redemption for girls that are currently exotic dancing and seeking a way out. The examples of the girls on the show who were able to secure secular employment and build their own business proves true to testiments that all things are possible.

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It was very noticeable that the outspoken exotic dancer and entertainer LeaLae was missing @thesweetlealea on IG Yes the one that was just not going to be tolerable of what she felt was disrespect from Stormy Wellington. Well, learning that Lele had a past bout with breast cancer and there’s something about a face to face battle with death that makes one put into prospective future fueds they choose to deal with, Recently learning Lele had a re-occurrence with cancer again may be the reason she was not in the partying mood.

stormy pooh pcIf you followed the show’s history on the UMC network you would know the ending episode was unclear if Lele’s reecent bout with cancer was in remission or not. Stay tuned for our update.




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