Nicki Minaj Black Girl Tragic Week

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 9.37.41 AMSeems Nicki Minaj is just on the chopping block with everyone this week. Everyone as in 3 people – Joe Budden, Trina the Rockstar and now Rick Ross? It’s been one heck of a week for Nicki Minaj and her barbs.

The good news is it seems her and Joe Budden kinda sorta made up on each of their radio shows. The better news is Nicki Minaj is still in love and according to her she will be married in the next 80 days.

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 1.42.36 AM
Photo Credit Instagram @nickiminaj

According to Rolling Stone .com

Joe Budden and Nicki Minaj were likely never at odds, but merely reveling in selling the idea of discontent that could be broadcasted for mass consumption via the power of Apple Music and Spotify. In essence, The Joe Budden Podcast and Queen Radio are both bastions built to speak to each respective rappers’ base. In recent years, Budden found a lane recycling music industry conspiracy theories to a growing number of listeners, while Nicki continues to cultivate and insulate herself with The Barbz as part of her radio show. As major streaming services heavily invest in the future of non-music audio content it’s difficult to not view personalities (antagonistic, provocative, and unchecked) like Budden and Nicki as the future of these content systems.

Toward the end of the conversation on Queen Radio, Nicki voiced her distaste for those on the internet that can be controlled or duped. “The general public, now that we have social media, is easily manipulated and swayed,” she said. “You can tell them ‘Hey, suck my dick and you’ll get a billion dollars.’ I’ll have a line of people ready to suck my dick for a billion dollars if that’s the narrative we push. Anything a few people say, if they have a platform to push it that’s what social media they no longer have a mind of their own. That’s what happens. So they almost start purposefully deleting actual memories in their brain about a person.”

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We are not certain of the outcome with Nicki and the Rockstar Trina situation. We are all in anticipation of Trina going live and setting things straight. Youtube sensation Funky Dineva has made it very clear of the exact answers that we need to get from Trina. I believe he drafted up a list of all the wrong answers and advised her of the okey doke answers and passive aggressive answers that will not be acceptable as well.

TIme will tell TONIGHT and tomorrow we will have another discussion on if the answer Trina gave us will suffice or if Reggie Saunders her “A&R” for the project and label is still on “the team” or naw.

Another problem fans had is with Nicki Minaj lashing out on her social media and calling out black females out of their name referring to them as Black *******. Did she just go too far while all wrapped up in her emotions? Would the fan reaction be wrong if they went in and retaliated or do we just give Nicki a pass because she was on a role defining #BlackGirlTragic and perhaps she didn’t think before she spoke? Hmmmm

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 1.50.53 AMHmmmm, I say we just focus on the good times and congratulate Queen Nicki Minaj for all the accomplishments (AND SHE HAS ALOT), congratulate Queen Nicki Minaj on her engagement, her 1 year anniversary of Queen Radio and celebrate our female Queen rapper and don’t they the naysayers and media block our vision of the Nicki Minaj everyone loved from day 1.


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