One Child Left Behind Documentary reveals the truth – Jodi Gomes

Screen Shot 2019-08-26 at 9.12.37 PMJodi Gomes, Executive Producer for the documentary “One Child Left Behind” documentary didn’t hold back any stops or report any ‘fake news’ as she took the brave task of exposing the truth and interviewing as many credible people as she could when creating this masterpiece film.  Personally I felt it was “everything,” to put my expression into colloquial terms.

IMG_9869To hear the real truth behind everything that took place directly from the teachers, president of the teachers association, attorneys and more was surreal. To hear the innocent teacher Tasha Cotton not only take her position to stand in her truth; but to watch the so called “justice system” totally fail her was heart-breaking and I was not prepared to eyewitness the level of disrespect she received.

Being born and raised in Los Angeles, California and a product of the LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District) I could totally relate to how the APS system was being pigeon-holed into a certain box. The “Cheating Scandal allegations” was actually a bigger conversation than what was being presented to the world. Watching this documentary shed light on the narrative that wasn’t presented which was the Superintendent of schools Beverly Hall vs the Senator.

IMG_9857In my opinion the lesson learned was to never set your stakes in the court of public opinion which apparently dominated over everything when it was all said and done. Attorney Griggs stated the following ” I feel the court of public opinion based this case upon the reporting of the AJC and channel 2. I believe no one did a deep dive until the actual trial of what happened. I think during the course of the trial the truth came out but the people had already formed their opinions. I believe now that we can unpack what really happened; the fact that the state never proved their case beyond a reasonable doubt and that innocent individuals were implicated and convicted while the individuals who actually cheated the student in Atlanta received plea deals and are walking around actually free. I believee this trial was a sham it mockery, it was a miscarriage of justice and I am excited it’s now put on the big screen for everyone to see.

Photo APS cheatingTo watch Ms Beverly Hall take a downward spiral from the beating Cancer was putting on her in addition to what conversations were taking place behind closed doors was absolutely horrendous. The most disappointing part was Hall dieing before the world got to know her real truth. At the end of the day it was safe  to say she definitely had love for the students of Atlanta Public Schools. R.I.P Beverly Hall.


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