CURL FEST 2019 IN Atlanta the land of Beauty Culture and Melanin

IMG_0113Curl Fest held it’s annual 2019 Curl Fest event in Atlanta, GA at Candler Park.

What an amazing Day it was with nothing but beautiful women all shapes, sizes and colors all confident in their skin. It was an typical hot Atlanta weather but a calm down in temperature from the past 99 degree weather Atlanta had been experiencing for the past week.

IMG_0076September is not typically the hottest month of the year but for some reason summer just doesn’t want to go anywhere and the people of Atlanta are not complaining one bit. So many brands on display from Creme of Nature, Ampro, and a host of other amazing products. Lines were everywhere because no one had a problem waiting in long lines for free product.

IMG_0057The food trucks were lined up and the crowd was so patient about everything. All I could see for miles was curls and melanin. DJ Princesscut graced the stage and her music did not disappoint. The crowd enjoyed DJ Skatz from NYC as well. There were dance competitions, BET HER TV had an amazing Step and Repeat , creme of nature had their own wheel of fortune and I won a mini brush!


Check out the photo gallery of all there different natural hair styles! Black voices, black hair beauty and black excellence.

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