RL, Karlie Redd, Kore Stacks, ‘LeLee’ SWV at BET Her Presents Black Women’s Expo

Shaunte Paige
Producer Shanté Paige

BET HER  presents the Black Women’s Expo which took place in Atlanta, GA on September 14th & 15th at the Georgia International Convention Center. There were multiple panel rooms, live performances, vendor booths,  the sounds of DJ Jahlion and beautiful BET Her pink decor everywhere.

The panel that stood out the most was an all female panel consisting of women in the industry moderated by Shekinah Jo. vh1 Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Karlie Redd and singer LeLe from SWV were on the paneling sharing very personal information.

Rap Artist Kore Stacks and Shekinah Jo

Shekinah Jo, though moderating the panel had a lot to say about women, the industry and self esteem. Shekinah opened up the event by having every women in the room introduce themselves by giving their first and last name, stalling for time awaiting on a very late Karlie Redd. Somehow the discuss led to relationships and Shekinah was advising the women that it’s ok not to be in a relationship and helping them to understand that every women’s path just might not lead her down the wedding aisle.

Self esteem and self love was basically at the top of discussion for Shekinah Jo. LeLee from SWV piggy backed off Shekinah and stated how she wish she could take back some of the sex she shared with undeserving men in your younger years. LEANNE “LELEELYONS founding member of the group SWV found herself gone from her mother’s house and living on her own at age 15. She also shared that at 16 years of age she found herself pregnant with her first child. It was at this point she knew she had to make something of herself to prove the naysayers wrong.

Lelee SWV RL
SWV “LeLee” and RL (NEXT)

LeLee was the mother of two by age 17 and this is when she knew it was imperative for her to put this girl singing group together and change her path in life. We are so happy she did because their music brought a whole lot of joy into the world. I know their music helped me out in the gym getting through some hard times and strenuous workouts. It actually was my 5 miles playlist to help my daily run.

Aside from the panels there were vendors with beauty products from lip glosses to hair products and even namebrand bags and eyewear. I definitely left with a bagful of items and a beautiful silver BET HER bag that I will cherish with pile of fancy gift bags.

RL Next on Stage
RL (member of the 90’s group N.E.X.T.)

The day the Producers Channel attended our team had the pleasure of experiencing the performance of RL, former member of the group NEXT and Meelah formerly of 702. It was just a 90’s music type of day and we loved every minute of it. Meelah and RL have both since launched solo projects and their voices are just as pleasant as yester year. In fact, neither one of them looked like they have aged since the 90’s and apparently are taking really good care of themselves.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 6.45.13 PMAfter the Panel LeLee tended to her booth where she was selling her newly released publication “I Regret the Day I Lost My Virginity; You Are Not Your Past”. Also Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Cast Member Karen “KK” King also had a vendor booth selling her book “Do You Know Me” both were self published memoirs.

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