Curly Girl Collective brings out the best hair product sponsors at Curlfest 2019

IMG_0064Nothing comes between a girl and her curls except the best hair products; and Curlfest did not hold back when it came to the special give-aways. The crowd was non stop pouring into Candler Park from the time the doors opened at 11am and people were still lingering around at 7pm when the event ended.

IMG_0083Upon arrival everyone was given a giant Creme of Nature product carrying gift bag and we certainly needed them as the festival did NOT hold back on the freebees.

IMG_0028Creme of Nature had a small wheel of fortune type spin the wheel and get the product. I won a mini brush for my edges! I also won some edge gel that came at perfect timing during this ATL heat wave. A girl’s best friend Ampro gel had an amazing booth with all types of Let’s Jam products.

IMG_0052There were all these beautiful models at every booth. Not to mention all the amazing women that came from all over to attend curlfest. New York, Connecticut, Ohio, DC, New Jersey, South Carolina, Charlotte to join in the festivities and collect product.

IMG_0029I was ear hustling and overheard some women trying to figure out how to pack all the product in their bags without paying the extra fees. I stuck my nose in their conversation and suggested they stop by the post office and ship it back. It would be much cheaper than being charged an extra $50.00 for over the weight fees.


AUNT Jackie’s might have had the longest line with the coolest game where it sort of looke like the women were fishing for the prize. I don’t know but it was just so hot an I didn’t want to break the chain floating the women in the air fishing for their Aunt Jackie’s Curls and Coils Box prize.

IMG_0060Check out the product sea pics and girls with the curls.

Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 12.22.30 AM


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