Vh1 Girls Cruise – B Simone made the following confession at the Reunion

B simone picture
B Simone – Photo Courtesy of Vh1

For the past couple of months we have watched the ladies of Vh1 Girls cruise around the world with the Queen B. Lil’ Kim and her friends Chilli, Mya, Vena E., B. Simone, Tiffany Panhilason and Char Defrancesco set sail for the ultimate Caribbean vacation filled with hilarious antics, emotional breakthroughs and spicy romances. We didn’t know what would be the outcome for any of the ladies. Were they looking for love? Did they form new friendships? Any romance?

B. Simone surprised everyone by making the following statement “Me & Dreds have been dating for 3 months and I’m expecting.” Unfortunately, none of the girls fell for it and none of them didn’t even react and B. Simone had to admit she was just kidding. Dreds admitted the two had chemistry immediately when Lil Kim introduced them. They flirted the entire trip and seemed to be spending some quality time together but B. Simone confessed the two hadn’t seen each other since the end of filming.

If Dreds was paying attention B. Simone said “someone just may need to reach out.” Dreds admitted he reached out and someone hit him with the ‘who is this?’ Now, in B. Simone’s defense I am going to say that just maybe (since they were on the boat, she didn’t know his phone voice), and perhaps she didn’t save his number in her phone (I do it all the time). I will have someone call my phone and never go back and save the number. I hope neither one of them just have too much pride to reach out and actually go on a date without cameras. This would be amazing B!

We almost thought that Chilli was going to find love as we saw her start to let her hair down and loosen up around the girls. It was honestly awesome and refreshing to see Chilli smile and laugh and have an incredible time. We honestly haven’t seen this side of Chilli since she was performing as a three-some with her girls TLC. Chilli did reveal she hadn’t been on a date in 8 months and it seems the trip didn’t change her mind. Chilli seemed very settled in her life at 48 and booked and busy still touring with T-Boz, enjoying her son Tron when she can and pretty much just living her best life.

Not quite sure if any of the other girls found love on the cruise but it was also good to see Mya let her hair down (and then put a wig on for the reunion) and have some fun. She also seemed to have formed a few friendships with  the ladies that will last a while. These ladies are in their prime years. Well, not too prime but the established talent on the cruise are not spring chickens. It’s time to build build make money, save money and seriously plan for the future as the clock is ticking when soon they won’t be able to make money entertaining in the same way as their younger years.

The Queen Bee seemed really focused on finally showing herself the love she deserves and focusing on her daughter (kids will change your reality on life). From my prespective KIM if love comes your way or a man with genuine love to give you and your daughter do not turn it away. If you feel something between yall, then look into it and explore. Just take it slow but don’t let the past have you miss out on your future.

Thanks Vh1 for creating this show and letting us into the lives of some of our favorite artists of the 90’s and get to learn some popular artists we were not too familiar with as well. This show was fun and refreshing and different. We really needed to see different on reality television.


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