Nene Leakes speaks on Kenya Moore estranged relationship with Marc Daly

kenya and marc

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly made quite the spectacle of their relationship or should we say non relationship status at Marc’s fundraiser that Kenya Moore coordinated on the March 1st episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta on the Bravo TV network.

The entire cast felt bad for Kenya Moore (with the exception of Nene Leakes) as she was super excited and proud of putting the event together; however Marc Daly failed to acknowledge his wife’s hard work or even acknowledge her presence period. Seems Marc was caught on his microphone stating that he “hated being married & that everyone knows”. He was also overheard saying “this is the last time Bravo cameras will see him.”

Also Kenya was up in arm and gossiping to everyone about Marlo Hampton showing up at the event with her two nephews and upset about initially hearing that her seat was in the back of the room. Marc fixed the problem by telling Marlo that her seats were at his table and he embraced her bringing her fatherless nephews as that was what the fundraiser event’s main focus was “mentoring fatherless boys” helping them to become men. (Again Kenya & Marc as usual was not on the same page).

This event was obviously taped previously ( October 2019) to be exact; and the very next day Kenya & Marc made an announcement that they were filing for divorce. Fans are confused as they saw Kenya Moore and Marc Daly together holding hands as recently as February 2020 in Atlanta at the Bronner Bros beauty show.  Nene Leakes had some words for Andy Kohen on “Watch What Happens Live” about how she feels about Kenya & Marc’s marriage.

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