Ray J and Princess Love Break their Silence – Zeus Network

There’s been so much speculation that Ray J & Princess Love are divorcing since the end of 2019. The sad news hit the airwaves shortly after the arrival of their new baby boy Epik.  Most of the separation news has been due to Princess Love and her social media posts.

The silence will finally be broken in the upcoming original Zeus Network 4-part series, “The Conversation: Ray J & Princess Love.”  Will you tune in? Does the public still want answers. We have heard Ray J say he will never abandon his family & our assumption is that Ray J wants us to see exactly what he is going through at home in the 4 part series.

The conversation could back fire and reveal Princess in a new light which may not be favorable for her if she is “beating the same horse” with the same dialogue. From the social media comments the fans feel like she knew exactly what she was getting herself into.

Looks like mom Sandra knew exactly what she was talking about when she was adamant about Ray J getting a prenup. Unfortumately Ray J didn’t listen. From what was revealed to the public at least.

The Conversation: Ray J & Princess Love! premieres Sunday, March 15th at 8pm EST 5pm PST only on Zeus!


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