Essence Atkins stars in BET Original Movie ‘OPEN’ March 14th

essence n keith
Essence Atkins & Keith Robinson – Photo Credit @jojondeezstreets on IG

Essence Atkins (Wren) and Keith Robinson (Cameron) have been married for ten years; however, the last three years of their matrimony have been open to polyamorous relationships. They set rules as boundaries to ensure a healthy open relationship,

Wren finds out what happens when “breaking the rules” goes wrong. Quickly they both learn as a couple that rules applied to the art of emotion can often be broken. OPEN teaches viewers the full scope of these taboo relationships based on the idea that bringing others into your marital bed (whether it’s an open arrangement or not) doesn’t always make for a happy ending or extend the length of your relationship when the trust is broken.

Author Ronda Penrice did an amazing story in the ajc highlighting statistics:

It’s hard to really know what percentage of Americans are or have been in open marriages or relationships. But, judging by the TV and film projects that continue to touch upon the dynamic, the numbers seem to be rising. Last year, in his respected blog “All About Sex,” Michael Castleman penned the post, “Open Relationships Are More Popular Than You Might Think,” asserting that as many as 4% of 2.8 million U.S. couples may participate in what is clinically known as “consensual non-monogamy.” So, it shouldn’t be surprising that BET is joining the conservation with “Open,” a film premiering Saturday on the network that was filmed in Atlanta.

Billed as “a romantic drama that showcases the alternative perspective of open relationships,” “Open” stars Essence Atkins, recently of the Atlanta-based drama “Ambitions” on OWN, and Keith Robinson who plays Miles in “Saints & Sinners” on Atlanta-based Bounce TV. Set in Atlanta, whose high female to male ratio among African Americans has been well-documented and discussed, Atkins’s character, Wren, a successful entrepreneur who owns her own bakery business, takes a preemptive strike against the heartbreak of infidelity, which, as a child of divorce [Atlanta’s own Jasmine Guy plays her mother], she sees as inevitable. So, in hopes of guarding herself emotionally, she asks her architect husband, Cam, played by Robinson, for an open marriage. The arrangement truly gets complicated, however, when Wren breaks one of the main rules and begins seeing her high school boyfriend, Mars, (Matt Cedeño, Ignacio and Cristobal on “Ambitions” and “Power” respectively).

OPEN is written and directed by Cas Sigers-Beedles; produced by Essence Atkins, Melissa Young, and Kirk Frasier. Serving as executive producers are Terri J. Vaughn and Cas Sigers-Beedles (for Nina Holiday Entertainment), Richelle Cross (for Class & Sass Promotions) and Roger Bobb (CEO Bobbcat Films)

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