Lena Waithe living her best life with over 2 million tuning in to BET debut “Twenties”

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Lena Waithe (producer of Showtime series The Chi) and Emmy-winning writer, actress and producer is definitely making headline news with her new show “Twenties” on BET. The premiere night garnered over 2 million viewers and is rumored to already gearing up for a second season.

Although Waithe had some rumored personal issues going on in her personal life when news broke loose that the screenwriter separated from her wife Alana Mayo just months after announcing their marriage; nothing seemed to affect her amazing work. According to Variety magazinge Lena had the following to say:

“It’s a beautiful time, you know,” Waithe told Variety at the event’s green carpet, speaking to press for the third time in just over a week, after the events celebrating her role on HBO’s “Westworld” and her new BET series “Twenties” which debuted on the network March 4 with nearly two million viewers tuning in.

Speaking of  “Twenties” Waithe said, “To me, what the 2 million viewers meant was that society really showed us that they’re ready. They’re ready to step into this new chapter where intersectionality is not, you know, abnormal, but it is the norm. And I really felt that love and that support.”

And with “Boomerang” Waithe and her team are spreading the love in a different way, making headlines when it was announced that all eight episodes of season two were helmed by black women — Tiffany Johnson, Katrelle N. Kindred and Dime Davis, who also serves as showrunner on the series with Angeli Milan.

Kudos to Lena Waithe receiving the Industry Renaissance Award at the ABFF Honors award show.  The award recognizes content creators whose exemplary work in film and television contributes to changing perceptions of people of color in the entertainment industry.

Not only is her new BET show “Twenties” popping but her show “Boomerang” on BET which she produces alongside Halle Berry just airred it’s 1st episode of season 2 as well.

Check your local listings for times for Waithe Wednesdays to see Twenties & Boomerang on BET & BET Plus.


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