Fulton County Issues Stay at Home Order $1000 Fines will be enforced

Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 8.18.08 PMWhile more business owners than less have either had to officially shut down due to decline in business; the others recently placed signs on the door with a note that starts with “Due to Corvid19 we regret to inform you that we will be closed…..” and then follows the explanations.

The Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp saw fit to follow suit with the rest of the country and issue a “Stay in Place” order for Fulton County which has a very high number of Corona Virus cases reported. The Mayor of Atlanta had no choice to to enforce these orders by imposing a $1000 penalty to those that have a problem adhering,  According to Atlanta In Town Paper:

Fulton County has issued an immediate stay-at-home order to combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and threatened $1,000 fines and/or 12 months in jail for those who don’t obey.

The order came during this morning’s Board of Commissioners Meeting and was issued by the county’s Interim District Health Director Dr. S. Elizabeth Ford.

“The order commands all county residents to stay at their place of residence; only allowing them to leave to provide, receive, or engage in essential services or activities,” a media statement said. “The order also permits those who work for essential businesses and perform essential governmental functions to leave their place of residence. The order will go into effect immediately.”

Essential activities and services include: activities related to your own health, that of a family member, or pet; care for the medically fragile; going to buy groceries and supplies; outdoor activity is permitted as long as people are six feet apart; essential government functions; and essential businesses.

Get all the details below:

Click to access 03.31.20.-addendum-to-declaration-of-public-health-emergency.pdf

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