UK artist KS organically gains fans – ‘No Hook’ Video


Most new artist find it difficult to amass a large fan base without help from a major label or without having already established social media pages with tons of likes and follows. The UK artist who goes by the name ‘KS’ exclaims I want to have a big influence on people, just like the people who’ve influenced me.’

Well, he definitely didn’t do this by not putting in the work. After gaining recognition and building an expanding fanbase on YouTube; South East London Artist KS is rapidly cementing his name on the UK music circuit. At 17 years old, KS has single-handedly accumulated an organic following of over 300,000 followers with his engaging YouTube videos and challenges. This is a platform which he utilised to cultivate his pursuit to highligh his artistry.

Growing up in a musical household where he would hear the vocals of his mother, a singer/songwriter and his father a musician; KS recalls penning his first song at 5 years of age and as he grew older, he interlaced his love for music with acting. His musical influences stem from multi genres, artists such as Drake and Alicia Keys. As well as in juxtaposition with Gospel music which would be the sounds of a routine Sunday morning spent at church.

It was at 13 years old that KS began to get vocal training from his mother’s friend and eventually got an agent. Despite no professional training, KS found himself landing roles in ‘The Lion King On Tour’ and the Whitney Houston inspired box office sell out, ‘The Bodyguard Musical’ in London’s West End. Due to his schooling requirements not being met, KS took time out from the stage to concentrate on his education.

With his stomping ground introducing him to an environment which was rife in illegitimate practice, KS was set on steering clear of a lifestyle many of his acquaintances followed and decided to start posting videos online at 13 years old; a pastime his mother initially was weary of.  Encouraged to upload videos by a friend, what started off as light-hearted fun then developed into consistent posting to his channel which saw KS’s following steadily increase.

His musical venture was further impassioned when another YouTuber left comments criticizing KS’s videos, to which he retaliated with a diss track amplifying his views to 900,000. After receiving positive feedback for his diss track, KS became inspired to create more music and in September 2019 dropped his first single ‘Roley’ which racked up a total of 560,000 views on his channel alone.

Followed by two features he appeared on with musical associates, Hailomkidd on ‘Ten10’ and TW for ‘Nike Tech’. His highly anticipated release ‘No Hook’ hit 18,000 views within the first 4 hours of its release and continues to proliferate. KS continues to explore his musical finesse by experimenting with cross genres to intertwine with his melodic style of Rap further perfecting his musical dexterity.

Source Dice Recordings Music

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