Number of available beds at Grady hospital reaching critical levels

The good news is 64% of Georgia’s 2800 Ventilators are available; but the bad news is that hospital beds are beginning to fill up at several hospitals in Atlanta. As the numbers are spiking up with 60,000 new cases reported in one day throughout the U.S. but 2800 new cases in Georgia in one day.

The I.C.U. only has 17% of beds and 45 percent of emergency room beds open; as reported by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency.  The hospital reported an increase in the number COVID-19 patients, according to Chief Medical Dr. Robert Jansen.

“The stress it puts on the hospital systems, the medical systems is significant and that is increasing, not decreasing,” Jansen told reporters at WSB TV,

The number of hospital beds are filling up for trauma patients and those needing long term care, and when you add in those needing treatment for the coronavirus, there’s barely enough bed space.


“We’ve tripled that number. Not quite as high as we were in the peak in early, mid-May but we are rapidly approaching that,” Jansen said.

updates to be continued…


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