Tapas restaurant “SLUSH” on Edgewood hosts private Sneak peek soft opening

Slush Restaurant and Bar opens in April 2021 on Edgewood (formerly the Music Room & Bone Lick Southern Kitchen. This Tapas restaurant located is in Sweet Auburn near downtown Atlanta. The Owners are Dogwood Restaurant Group founder Walter L Jordan, Clark University alum Dishamica Smith and Kenya Almost of BQE Restaurant and Lounge.

The building has a downstairs dining area with a full bar and a private dining with a long marble tables appropriate for an intimate dinner for a small party. Several restaurants have closed their doors during 2020 and fortunately the owners of this establishment did not have that experience.

Chef Mark (former Chef of the Buckhead Bottle Bar and Suite Lounge) provided tasty tapas menu dishes like Brussel Sprouts, Mac n Cheese bites, Shrimp & Grits, Chicken & French Toast and “SLUSH” samples from the SLUSH machines. Our favorite was the CLASSIC MAN, and the ATL HO.

Source: Atlanta.Eater

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