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The Producer’s Channel TV was created to keep you informed of “What REALLY GOES ON behind the scenes”. “Who’s producing the latest projects in film and television”, “How TV/Film Shows are Produced”, “Who’s Directing New Projects”, and bringing light to the production people behind the scenes responsible for making it all come together. It’s not just limited to film & television. We love our music producers as well. Many focus on the finished projects where the Talent and the Star of the show always get “kudos” for a job well done. Well, it’s time to acknowledge the man behind the camera and the director on the set pushing people’s buttons, guiding the camera man, working with the special effects editors, making sure the location is right, the lighting is right, the First A.D., Director of Photography, Line Producer and Behind the scene elements are all in tack.  It’s also time to recognize the production team behind these No. 1 hits and hits that make it to radio. Stick around, tune in and learn a lot!  Find out who’s been tuning in to “The Producer’s Channel”.

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