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YFN Lucci Loves the Kids #BacktoSchool

IMG_9917YFN Lucci always has the biggest heart to match his warm smile when it comes to the kids. We were not surprised when we received the invite to attend his back to school celebrity basketball game and give away!

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 5.56.36 PMAs a single mom juggling a budget I definitely can remember the days I had to decided if I was going to purchase the new back pack or fill the gas tank to get to and from work on a weekly basis. I looked so forward to all the back to school drives for my kids school supplies, pencils, paper, glue, folders, composition notebooks etc.

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 5.55.09 PMWell, YFN Lucci made sure the parents at Mayes High School is Atlanta, GA would not have these type of problems. He provided boy and girls backpacks (the clear ones now required) were on deck filled with notebook paper, pencils, erasers, index cards and even folders provided by Sean John that had the words Dream Big on the the cover. What encouragement for the kids. Dream Big was also on the pencils included.

YFN Lucci and Jacquees became the face of Sean John approximately 2 years ago and they have been using their brand to do good by the community at every given opportunity.



Hustlers opens to $33 million

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 1.35.47 PMHustlers exceeded the expectations of the film company who expected the movie to at least hit 30 million. Fans are excited that Cardi B is in the movie especially since the theme of the film relates to the typical lyrics her fans crave. Robbing men and using sexual tactics as the lure seems to be the new theme amongst the millenials and now some smart writers and filmmakers decided to captialize on the hot topic and create “Hustlers.”  Roger Ebert had the following to say:

Jennifer Lopez struts onto the main stage of a cavernous strip club in “Hustlers” to the blaring tune of Fiona Apple’s late ‘90s anthem “Criminal”—the first line of which, “I’ve been a bad, bad girl,” suggests the knowing, playful tease to come.

Lusty men in musty suits immediately begin throwing money at her legendary derriere—not Lopez’s, exactly, but that of the veteran exotic dancer she portrays, the impeccably preserved Ramona. Still, it’s hard to discern completely between Lopez the superstar and the larger-than-life character she plays in “Hustlers,” and that’s actually part of the pleasure of watching this career-best performance from the multi-talented multi-hyphenate. We know this figure—we know the swagger, the magnetism, the incandescent ability to work an audience—and yet, Lopez has repurposed and repackaged all her well-honed abilities here as a reminder that before she was known as J.Lo, she was a naturally gifted actress.

Fans seem elated yet surprised that J. Lo and Constance Wu are taking the lead. What are your thoughts? Are you excited to see this film? Well before you decide to go see this movie with the kids please examine what common sense media had to say.

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 1.36.33 PM

Common Sense Media wants parents to know the following about Hustlers


Parents need to know that greed is portrayed as good in Hustlers, which mixes themes of female empowerment and friendship with criminal, unethical behavior. It feels like the other side of The Wolf of Wall Street, focusing on New York strippers who manipulated and conned their stockbroker clients to the point of outright stealing. Thanks to the presence of aspirational celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Cardi B, Lizzo, and Keke Palmer, stripping comes across as the key to a glamorous life, in which women can get rich quick by using their sexuality as a weapon. Most of the men they scam are shown as sleazy, leering, gross, and corrupt, which suggests justification for the women’s behavior. Yes, it’s lots of fun and features a notably diverse cast, but it’s also very mature: Expect drug and alcohol use/abuse, strong language (“f–k,” “s–t,” etc.), and sexual content — including nudity, pole/lap dancing, prostitution, and more.


Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 3.18.42 AMOn Sunday, September 1st, Atlanta’s Piedmont Park welcomed the 8th Pure Heat Community Festival; also known as a free “day of unity.” The free cultural event is equipped with market and food vendors, live celebrity and local performers, entertainment, educational forums, prizes & giveaways – all designed to bring together the spirit of community, pride, and vision. This year’s festival honored trailblazing triple-threat entertainer Angelica Ross (“POSE” on FX), Award-Winning songstress Tweet, AARP’s Hillary Thomas, Georgia State Rep. Park Cannon and style guru Japan.


Devyne Stephens hosts tenth anniversary of ATL Live in the Park with the Laface Edition

Chubby Teddy R
Chubby Baby & Teddy Rile

Chubby Baby & Teddy Rile

It was definitely one of the best white party themed night at the Park Tavern for ATL Live’s Celebration hosted by Devyne Stephens choosing to make the night the Laface Edition. Starting out the night by honoring Shanti Das & Marlon Nichols for their 10 year commitment to this project. Yes it is very hard to consistently hold down an event in Atlanta at the same venue for 10 years.

devyne stephensDevyne explained there will be a special award for Shanti and Marlon and in Los Angeles they are planning an honoree party for Mr Teddy Riley (the musical genius of sound). Then Mr. Devyne Stephens opened with a very compelling speech that made everyone realize why this ATL soil is so special to the music industry:

There are so many people I know in this room but to call everyone by name would take me all night,  but we gonna start by honoring Shante Das and Marlon Nichols. Wait, the city of Atlanta is in the building, “Philana can you just stand up?  We are also doing something very special in Los Angeles; we are honoring my childhood hero Teddy Riley.

teddy r chubbyI will give yall the short story. I was the  first artist signed to LAFACE label records. None of the records on that demo were ever released. On that album it was produced, my Demo wa produced by MR Dallas Austin (you may know him by  TLC hits, Michael Jackson hits) the show .. group Back in thethe show tapes were made byy Jermaine Dupri who used to dance for Whodini I went to school with Tboz who was my best friend. My big lil brother in High School who became my big brother was Rico Wade so tonight is very very special

Those were the people who planted the seed in  this soil for everybody to move here come in through this elaborate Airport and move here to Atlanta for years and years to come. For Puff Daddy to come & get some of this energy for countless people to move here and grow their families off this soil. We can’t forget about Mr Kevin Wells, ABC,etc…

AN THERE  is so many people I know but we gonna start by honoring Shante Das and Marlon Nihols. Wait, the city of Atlanta is isn the building. Philana can you just stand up?– We doing something very special in Los Angeles, We are honoring my childhood hero Teddy Riley. J

devyne s


teddy angel

Continue reading Devyne Stephens hosts tenth anniversary of ATL Live in the Park with the Laface Edition

Jamie Foxx stunts at Luda Day weekend annual celebrity basketball game

IMG_9989Jamie Foxx showed up and showed out as Coach the the opposing team during Ludacris annual celebrity basketball game at Morehouse College auditorium. This is one of the most star studded events that happens every Labor Day weekend for the past 14 years. Ludacris’ foundation focuses on educating youth and fostering economic development; the weekend events, which are held at various places raise money that benefits the LudaCares Foundation and other children’s charities.

Michael Rainey from 50cent Starz Network hit show POWER is becoming quite the regular b-ball athlete in attendance. Isaac Hayes III, Central Park exonerated Yusef Salam, 44 year old Lorenz Tate, actor/singer Tyrese, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Bambi, rapper Kodi Shane, Light Skinned Keisha,  Miss Mulatto, and Charlie Mack were also a few of the celebrities spotted to witness the Luda Team victory! Continue reading Jamie Foxx stunts at Luda Day weekend annual celebrity basketball game

Love and Marriage Hunstville Back on OWN Network

Guess Who’s Pregnant?

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 6.37.14 PMThe ladies from Love and Marriage Hunstville are back in the mix and they are bringing a whole lot of drama to the table. Looks like Kingdom Productions (Carlos King) has brought Love & Hip Hop to Huntsville, AL. Where do we start? Story Developing  Continue reading Love and Marriage Hunstville Back on OWN Network

What Men want – Taraji you look good girl!

IMG_4582Take a look at the photos of Taraji P Henson from the red carpet at “What men want premiere. She looks amazing! Sheree Whitfield also hit the red carpet in her She by Sheree joggers and we are here for it. Continue reading What Men want – Taraji you look good girl!