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Producer J. Simone talks about her love for a Unique Sound


Philadelphia native J. Simone is on the rise as a female producer. Currently living in Atlanta she has the perfect opportunity to surround herself in a city that’s known also known for birthing producers and artists with unique sounds as well. J. Simone sat down with Rolling Out for an exclusive interview and this is what we learned:

At what age did you know what you wanted to do with your life? 
I was 13 when I realized I wanted to be a music producer. It’s so funny, as a kid I used to introduce myself to industry professionals as a producer who will be the first female producer to win a Grammy.

Who’s sound do you admire the most?
I really admire Timbaland and Pharrell’s styles because they created their own individual sounds and lane. They didn’t enter the industry trying to sound like everyone else. I really admire how they BELIEVED and TRUSTED their own sound enough to stay true to themselves. That takes a lot of courage.

Do you feel you are more challenged to be successful because you are a female producer?
I don’t feel as though I’m more challenged to be successful because I’m a female but I feel like I always have to come correct. I have to stay on my game. It’s unfortunate but as a female producer, I’m in a man’s world. My drums have to knock as hard as theirs, if not harder.

Have you been successful at selling tracks?
Yes, I’ve been successful at selling tracks to independent artists.

What was your first reaction when you sold your first beats/track?
When I sold my first beat it really hit me that I could actually do this. Technically, that’s when this whole producing thing went from a hobby to a career. I realized that I could really do this.

If you could work with with three artists, who would they be and why?
If I could work with three artists, I would go with Nitty Scott, Janelle Monae, and Jay Z. Nitty is a female MC doing her thing in New York. She’s really raw and honest. I just love artists who are brave enough to put themselves out there. When it comes to her sound, she goes in. She does her thing over crazy complex beats. She’s one to watch out for. Nitty is a star. Janelle Monae is just another one of those fearless artists who I truly admire. She doesn’t create songs but she creates experiences. I think that’s just so beautiful. It’s one thing to create a great song and another to create an experience. Her creativity is unmatched. Hov is the GOAT. He has truly mastered his art. I always kinda have a lost for words when talking about Jay. I mean everything about him is legendary, from his flow, his content, to his cadence. It would really be a dream come true to work with him.

You are a full time student at Georgia State University. Any career plan B or will your career be centered around the music industry? 
It’s very important for me to be a full time producer after graduation as my full time career. It’s my passion and the Lord has truly blessed me. He made it very clear to me at an early age that this is what I was put on this Earth to do. I have complete faith that as long as I continue to follow the path that he laid out for me and to live a life where love is at the forefront, everything will work out and be even greater than I can imagine. Things like this take patience. Although I’m a full time student at Georgia State University, music is my plan A and plan B. Plan B is to make plan A work.

How can people request to hear your music in order to purchase beats? Who should they contact? 
You know, in this industry, unfortunately, producers can’t just put music out there on a public website for the indies to choose from. To request to hear more music, just reach out to my management via email

Social media platforms: @j.simonesound on Instagram and Twitter.



Producer Bangladesh on the panel of “PIP” created by Courtney Horton

Sonia Lòpez, Producer Bangladesh. Rap Artist Kourtni Myers

This past weekend Courtney Horton a Platinum Certified Recording/Mixing Engineer created an event with a panelist of successful music industry professionals. The panel was a mixture of producers, engineers, studio owners as well as artists. All true veterans in the music industry. Courtney is also the Creator of “PIP”(Putem in Position 2WIN ) Panel @courtneymarie_engnr on Instagram.

Erinn Jackson, Courtney Horton, and The Honorable C Note

The panelists gave some great advice that could be used if you are new in the business or in the business a long time but need to know why you are not being progressive.  Super Grammy Award Winning Producer Bangladesh spoke on loyalty, teaming up and partnering with industry peers, and the importance of not just rocking with who’s hot at the time. Artist/Songwriter Ms. Jade spoke on early industry fears and lessons she learned on her rise to becoming a successful working songwriter. Everyone brought something different to the table but the common demoninator of the evening everyone’s love of the music and learning and teaching others how to be tenacious in an industry that is constantly changing.  The money ups and downs & ways to cope with success & disappointments.


PIP PANELISTS: included Grammy Winning Super Producer Shondrae Crawford known to most as Mr. Bangladesh @bangladeshproductions on Instagram; Miles  “Mixed By Miles” Walker. – Multi-Grammy Award Winning Recording Engineer Website :; Honorable C Note – Multi – Platinum and Grammy Nominated Producer IG : @honorablecnote ; Ms. Jade Artist/Writer 1st Female signed to Timberland. With her hit Album “Girl Interrupted, flew in from Philadelphia to inspire our future Music Creators. Instagram @therealmsjade; Kenny Barto –  Multi- Platinum and 3X  Grammy Award Winning Producer IG: @Kennybarto; Walter Randolph – Manager & Owner of Private Stock World Wide Management. Estelle, D’angelo, Ingrid (Parkwood) IG : @privatestockworldwide; Ron “Tricky” Montgomery  Owner & CEO of TrickyBizness Entertainment and Management. Instagram @Trickybiznessworldwide; Mira Blues – Artist/ Writer IG: @mirablues; and the owner of “Suite 100 Studio” Dumar L Jackson @dumarljackson on IG

Producer Sonia Lòpez, Errin Jackson(Moskato) National Manager, @therealashleyj, @kourtnimyers – Photo Credit @Jonellmediapr

Special thanks to Moskatolife as the sponsor for this event. Zaxby’s for providing the food and to the owner of “Hobi Studios”  for the use of his facility.  The event creator Courtney also expressed special thanks to invited guests rapper Kourtni Myers, producer J. Simone, Jonell PR, Jeremiah Clarke and the special audience guests for supporting this amazing event. Check out the photo gallery after the break.

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2017 Emmy Snubs – Oprah ‘ Queen Sugar ‘ Jimmy Falon & More

New York premiere of 'Selma' - ArrivalsOprah Winfrey and Several Others were Snubbed for 2017 Emmy Nominations

With the Big WINS of the OWN Network’s “Queen Sugar” from the NAACP Image Awards and BET awards, the viewers were just thinking an Emmy nod was in order. Typically whenever Oprah graces the cameras in a production it’s a sure Award nod and stellar performance. Not this year! There was no nomination this year for the Talk Show Guru. According to Variety :

SNUB: Oprah Winfrey

You may have thought the Academy could never snub Winfrey — voters just spot her name on the ballot, and even if they haven’t seen her in the role for which she’s nominated, they’ll usually still give her the nod. But this year that proved not to be true, as Winfrey was overlooked for limited series “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.”








Love Jones hits 20 Year Anniversary – Lorenz Tate & Nia Long won’t age!

If there’s two people who prove the theory that “Black Don’t Crack” and also would make true of the statement “the fountain of youth does exist” it would be Nia Long and Lorenz Tate. After 20 years plus of longevity in the film and television industry these two are still going strong and looking fabulous!

Lorenz Tate is just coming off a phenomenal week at the Box Office starring in the #1 Comedy of the year “Girls Trip” which raked in over 30 Million opening weekend. Women throughout the theater were still drooling and lusting over Lorenz Tate’s sexy persona in this film as his main character played most roles opposite Regina Hall who’s character was doubly lusting over Lorenz as well.

This weekend they played the movie “Love Jones” over and over and I actually watched it twice. It’s like everytime you watch it you interpret things a little differently over the years and it makes you reflect on past relationships and think about things you did (not being true to your real feelings) and then you got RE-actions in return that weren’t genuine. But it’s like you initiated the fake reactions so how can you point the finger? I used to be so upset with him (Lorenz’s character) in Love Jones but now I’m looking at how Nia brought a lot of this upon herself not being honest.

Keshia Knight Pulliam voted off Celebrity Big Brother for Milksake(lol)

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 3.13.58 PMKeshia Knight Pulliam wasted no time speaking out after being voted of Celebrity Big Brother. She along with Omarosa were both on the chopping block to be voted off. However, in the name of “milk” and “love” Keshia pleaded to be the one to be voted off because her milk was starting to dry up and she definitely doesn’t appear to be the type of mom that would let anything come between her and baby Ella! Especially when that something (Celebrity Big Brother) was going to interfere with Baby’s milk time (Mother’s Milk) i.e. breast milk. The best bonding time a mother has with her infant is typically feeding time.

I can recall many moons ago being a new mom and 6 months in my milk was starting to dry up. I immediately went into panic mode. Breast milk is soooo beneficial for babies. It prevents ear infections, helps babies stay healthier longer, reduces colic, then there’s the bonding (that makes a baby feel very safe with his/her mom) that takes place during these precious moments. To sacrafice stopping breastfeeding early for the sake of reality tv is basically a no brainer. Well, at least it was for Keshia Knight-Pulliam. Good job Keshia! Great decision! #Familyovereverything

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 3.48.59 PM(Personally) I thought she took her baby with her and had her nanny like up the street at a hotel or something so she could come & get the milk. Hmmmmm. I’m still not ruling out that was happening. But I think if you are only pumping it would cause your milk to decrease faster than if the baby was latching on. Also, increased stress levels can cause your milk to dry up faster as well. Also baby Ella’s 1st birthday was recent and it could be that the breast feeding days are now numbered and the milk flow could just be slowing down. #JudgeYeNot it was a great mommy call for the KampKizzy Founder.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 3.13.06 PM
Photo credit @Keshiaknightpulliam IG

Meanwhile, back on the ranch Omarosa gets to stay another week and we get to hear more Donald Trump secrets. Do you think Omarosa is freaking everyone out about the state of our nations with her Trump whisperer bedtime stories? It may be someone from Donald Trump’s team secretly freinds with someone in the house voting Omarosa off the show or collecting the info to sue for some type “Running That Mouth about the President breech”. There has to be some type of clause she signed in her employee paperwork. Or perhaps they were just treating Omarosa’s assignment like some intership and didn’t think she would ever stray. Clearly everyone in the White House especially Donald Trump POTUS should have known how much of a smart little cookie and business woman that Omarosa is. Duhhhhhhh!!!

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 3.12.20 PMWhat are your thoughts? Are you sad to see Keisha Knight-Pulliam depart so early or do you think she definitely had a great reason to want to be gone. My question is do they still get the entire $250,000.00 appearance fee just for participation or is it based on your amount of time you actually stay in the house?


TV Ratings! The Four on Fox kicked off with a big start!


Fox launched The Four on Thursday night.  According to the Hollywood Reporter Its first stab at a singing competition since American Idol, the two-hour premiere came in with a relatively modest (by unscripted standards) 1.2 rating among adults 18-49 and 3.7 million viewers.

The Four, billed as an event series, is set to run in the same time slot for six weeks. It’s also the first of three singing shows that will air on the broadcast networks this spring with ABC rebooting American Idol and NBC airing another cycle of The Voice. Getting out in front of the competition didn’t bring evidence that viewers are particularly starving for another music show, though (like 911 the night before) The Four managed to grow its audience from beginning to end. The true test for The Four will be in how well it can sustain an audience over the course of its run — since it did build on the night’s fall average for Fox by 50 percent in the key demo.

Tune in every Thursday!!!!