Beloved Director John Singleton has passed away at 51

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 11.59.20 PMShocking news hit the headlines thirteen days ago that John Singleton had suffered a stroke. I for one was immediately disturbed and distraught until I first heard it was a mild stroke. ( My mother recently suffered a mild stroke as well so I immediately had  confidence that he would have a slow but successful recovery. To my dismay days later I first heard John Singleton was now in a coma and his family was having a discrepancy about his estate. Continue reading Beloved Director John Singleton has passed away at 51

Nipsey Hussle’s Attorney Working on Getting Kerry Lathan Out Of Jail

Kerry Lathan is in Jail Facing Life for Standing Next to Nipsey Hussle when he was killed!

Kerry Lathan, the man who was shot alongside Nipsey Hussle, is now speaking out. No Justice No Peace! Is it fair that Kerry Lathan is

currently in prison. Police claim he violated his parole, because they claim he was hanging out with Nipsey Hussle – a known “gang member.” When truly Kerry was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is a victim of the wrong set of circumstances and believes that he should be free. Continue reading Nipsey Hussle’s Attorney Working on Getting Kerry Lathan Out Of Jail

ScreenCraft Writers Summit is Back!

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 10.04.24 AMThe ScreenCraft Writers Summit in partnership with the Atlanta Film Festival will provide all that registered with a Wealth of Knowledge! April 5-7 will be an amazing weekend and definitely be one for the history books. Atlanta has become the film capital for television and film. What more appropriate place should an event like this be held?  Check out the press release for what’s in store after the break Continue reading ScreenCraft Writers Summit is Back!

Scrapp Deleon Viewing Party Season 8 – Love & Hop Hop Atlanta

Monday night at the Josephine Lounge in Atlanta Vh1 Reality Star Scrapp Deleon celebrated the return to Season 8 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta with a huge viewing party inviting family, friends and cast mates. Before the night’s festivites began Scrapp Deleon threw a pre event media party interviewing one on one with several media outlets where the Josephine Lounge owner provided complimentary food and drinks.

Before you know it 8 o’clock came and it was time for the show to start and time to let the “Party Begin.” It was Red Carpet star studdedness going on all night long! Surrounded by his brother Sas, Ken, sister Cheyenne and mom Karen “KK” King and her bestie Momma Dee; castmates Akbar V, Pooh, Shay Mac, Love & HipHop Miami Jojo and former husband of makeup artist Ciara ‘Skeeter’ were all in attendance.

Karen KK King made sure things went perfect for the night’s festivities with Momma Dee constantly reminding the crowd of why celebrations were in order. Momma Dee was also the self proclaimed MC who made sure to hype the crowd between regarding Scrapp’s return between commercials; and let everyone know her feelings about Bambi’s momma CeCe who had the nerve to come for her throne! Check out the photos and the video below.



Vh1 LHH Atlanta Scrapp Deleon is Home

Scrapp Deleon Released and Celebrating with Cast Members at Josephine Lounge in Atlanta

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 9.40.03 PMVh1 Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season premiere airs at 8pm March 25th.  Scrapp Deleon is a free man and has a lot to share with the world. We have learned he has several projects in the works and will be soon sharing with the world the things he has been doing since his March 2019 release from the Halfway House in Macon, GA. Continue reading Vh1 LHH Atlanta Scrapp Deleon is Home

B. Simone Hosts Private Screening of new Zeus Network Reality Series

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 11.33.01 PMB. Simone Hosts Private Screening of new Zeus Network Reality Series ” You’re My Booyfriend”

Lemeul Plummer, Founder of the Zeus Network and Executive Producer of “You’re My Booyfriend” hosted a private screening for the social media influencer, comedianne turned digital reality star B. Simone. A very grateful B Simone showed up and showed out for the red carpet expressing many thanks to all her guests, supporters and the entire cast who also showed up for the screening followed by a Q & A discussion.  Simone’s manager Mz. Skittlez opened up the screening by expressing how hard working B. Simone has been over the past few years. Even stating she’s currently booked and busy doing comedy in sold out rooms & returned from Vegas just to attend this screening in Atlanta, GA.  Continue reading B. Simone Hosts Private Screening of new Zeus Network Reality Series


The Voice Behind the Lens