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Love Jones hits 20 Year Anniversary – Lorenz Tate & Nia Long won’t age!

If there’s two people who prove the theory that “Black Don’t Crack” and also would make true of the statement “the fountain of youth does exist” it would be Nia Long and Lorenz Tate. After 20 years plus of longevity in the film and television industry these two are still going strong and looking fabulous!

Lorenz Tate is just coming off a phenomenal week at the Box Office starring in the #1 Comedy of the year “Girls Trip” which raked in over 30 Million opening weekend. Women throughout the theater were still drooling and lusting over Lorenz Tate’s sexy persona in this film as his main character played most roles opposite Regina Hall who’s character was doubly lusting over Lorenz as well.

This weekend they played the movie “Love Jones” over and over and I actually watched it twice. It’s like everytime you watch it you interpret things a little differently over the years and it makes you reflect on past relationships and think about things you did (not being true to your real feelings) and then you got RE-actions in return that weren’t genuine. But it’s like you initiated the fake reactions so how can you point the finger? I used to be so upset with him (Lorenz’s character) in Love Jones but now I’m looking at how Nia brought a lot of this upon herself not being honest.