Angel McCoughtry is Back with the DREAM

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 1.32.28 AM
Photo Courtesy of Angel McCoughtry Website

In 2017 2x Olympic Gold Medalist Angel McCoughtry decided to take a break. Her body needed a break from years of non stop basketball bouncing back and forth from the USA to out of the country hooping out of the country from Russia to Turkey and even playing on the Olympics Team representing the USA. On a break taking the time to open an ice cream Parlor in the heart of Atlanta while loving every minute of it; but still something was missing.

Angel’s comments on her Grandmother being her #1 Fan:

Ever since I started playing basketball, my grandma has been obsessed with watching me hoop. I’m talking obsessed, like you wouldn’t believe. Like — even back when I was in high school, that woman would show up to my games hollering and screaming. And she kept on at it through college and into the pros — whether it was in person, or on TV, or even just catching highlights. For over 15 years, I’m telling you: If I was hooping, Grams was watching.

The City of Atlanta would love to thank Grams because she is the main reason McCoughtry is back in Atlanta at the top of her game giving everything to the team to put them in the position to win that championship ring! Check on the DREAM Atlanta’s schedule on their website. wnba atlanta dream 2018 schedule


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