Wendy Williams Sets The Record Straight

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 12.41.45 AMWendy Williams set the record straight during an interview with Fox 5 News after social media went into a frenzy when they caught word that Wendy was going to accept her ex-husband Kevin Hunter back as her business manager.  It was kind of believeable news just based on studies show 40% of couples who separated end up getting back together. Also, with 25 years behind them and business matters together  it may have even seemed logical this would happen. Either way Black twitter was NOT having it.

Well, thank you Wendy Williams for putting everyone’s mind to rest when flat out asked in the interview are the rumors true? Are you taking him back Wendy? She quickly responded “The only business me and BIG have is getting a Divorce. I want a divorce last month, I want a divorce like yesterday.” We truly believed the media mogul when she said, “I wish him and his new family well.” Wendy sounded so over it. Almost as if she and Kevin did speak and he advised her he was going to pursue his relationship with his babymama and new daughter as priority. That’s just my interpretation of Wendy’s tone. But either way she seems totally done!

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 12.37.58 AM


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